Is Facebook Down Today

Friday, December 17, 2010

Do you know what happens if to go down, just for a few minutes? People panicked. That's what happens when on 16 December, for just five minutes down, but it is a huge problem that is when the site was for five days. So what happened?

Countless more users for more than 550 million members earlier today to learn that they can not log on to the site for them for about 30 minutes from approximately 04.15 hours of ET due to leakage of internal upgrades to the public, which caused the company to take down the website for a short time.

The failure occurred as a debut for a few new features, including a new brand site, the photos and the ability to go back and forth between accounts, without leaving the entry and exit, log reports Mashable begins.
May decide to take a little time turning the social networking site, so that they can perform updates to their interface. But even they have to do some harm reduction, he said: "For a short time, some internal prototypes are made public, a number of people from outside," said a spokesman for Facebook to Forbes. "As a result, we apologize for the site during the few minutes it again,. and we're looking for the inconvenience.